Britton Adventures organise events across New Zealand on varying terrain, suited to different motorbikes, different tyres, and different skill levels. Below is an explanation of how the rides are "graded" to allow you to determine whether the ride is suitable for you.

If in doubt, contact Mike at  OR ph. 0212849047

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- Must have some off-road riding skills

- Confidence in riding long distances on a mix of back-country gravel, hard-base 4WD and forest roads

- Suitable for big 2-cylinder motorbikes and passengers  

Tyres:  Road legal square block pattern knobbly or trail tyre, front and rear.


- Average off-road riding experience is required as bare minimum

- Moderate ability to navigate steep ascents and descents, and stream crossings

- A moderate level of fitness is recommended for this grade of event

- Only the very experienced Big Bike riders should consider these events. Must have knobbly tyres fitted

Tyres:   Big Bikes and Trail/Enduro Bikes - Road legal knobbly tyres, front and rear


- Skilled, experienced riders only - high level of trail and off-road skills needed

- High level of fitness required

- Ability to navigate extreme terrain which may include: single trails, steep mountain tracks, wash-outs, ruts, slippery trails etc

- Full knobbly tyres compulsory

Tyres: Trail and Enduro bikes. Full, road legal knobbly tyres, front and rear.