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About Us:

In 1991 I went to a KR500 Adventure Ride in Rerewhakaaitu I enjoyed the event and concept so much I decided I should organise one in my own backyard, which was at that time, the Far North. This event was the inaugural Far North Adventure Ride, which was held in December 1992.  After that first event, we began organising the Far North Ride annually as a hobby.  This event led to other rides in New Zealand and in 1999 we added overseas tours to the agenda (see Angela’s intro below), and from there we evolved to a full-time business, Britton Adventures.   Since our first event in 1992, with help from family and friends, we have been organising our style of off-road motorcycling events that are considered by many as the best run events of this type in New Zealand.  And in the NZ winter and spring, when riding conditions are not great, we take adventurous souls on exciting and intrepid holidays in exotic locations. It’s a tough job, but somebody

Even though I am not a competent motorcyclist I have grown up with motorcycles – my dad was one of the earlier farmers to get a motorbike.  My younger brother bought a dirt bike with one of his first pay packets, and would take me for hair-raising rides.  When Mike rediscovered motorbikes in his late 20’s I was more than happy to encourage him.  At our first ever Far North Ride in 1992 I was a week overdue with our second child, which did put a bit of stress on the situation! 
In 1998 we took some friends on a motorcycling holiday to Bali.  They had such a fantastic time, saying it was “one of the best holiday adventures” they had ever had and encouraged us to add the overseas component to our motorcycle tours.  The first was Bali By The Backroads in 1999, with Venture into Vietnam added in 2004, Into Outer Mongolia in 2007, and Laos and Cambodia also in 2007.
Many of our clients have become good friends, and we have a large percentage of repeat clients on both our New Zealand and overseas tours.

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Britton Motorcycle Adventures

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