They're here! The new line-up.

Mike set off yesterday afternoon to negotiate the madness that is Auckland traffic and pick up three new Yamaha beauties.  

 Mike & one of the bikes (he didn't ride in shorts & no helmet)

 Mike & one of the bikes (he didn't ride in shorts & no helmet)


On Friday we're taking the bikes down to the central North Island region to recce the route for the Yamaha Mohaka Adventure Ride (March 5).  Our great crew, Clayton and Richard, have been getting out doing some course setting for the ride and Mike is heading down to check out their handiwork.  Next time we put a pic up of these bikes they'll likely be quite a bit dirtier!

After Mohaka it will be time to show the Yammies some more of New Zealand's amazing scenery when we head down to the Masterton region to set-up the route for the Yamaha Wicked Wairarapa Trail Adventure (10, 11, 12, 13 March).  This is a brand new event destination for Britton Adventures and we are looking forward to checking out this splendid area.

That's all for now.  Watch out for our post after Mike has done the Mohaka recce.